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A Very Good Sample Pack aimed to set itself apart in the competitive music market by curating exclusive samples and beats. We positioned them as a platform redefining music creation, curated by top-selling producers

AV Portfolio

A Very Good Sample Pack confronted the challenge of distinguishing itself within a crowded music industry. Artists demanded a unique and user-friendly platform for exploring exclusive samples and beats. The goal was to transform the brand into a beacon of innovation in music creation, rising above the noise of conformity

AV Portfolio

We crafted a visually enthralling online space that not only attracted artists with its exclusive content but also facilitated an effortless and intuitive journey in sample discovery and customization. This balanced approach propelled the platform to new heights, redefining user engagement and solidifying the brand as a leader in innovative music creation

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Instant Access

The app unlocks music’s potential with immediate downloads of exclusive samples — no subscription required. Every beat at your fingertips is 100% royalty-free, supporting your creativity without boundaries

AV Portfolio
AV Portfolio
Smooth Setup

Enter the realm of sound with ease. Setting up your account is a simple step into a world of unique beats, with nothing but your passion and credentials required

Live Snapshot

Catch the vibe with glimpses of electrifying live sessions. Experience the raw energy of bands that inspire some of the unique sounds that fuel your next hit

AV Portfolio
AV Portfolio

Discover New, the gateway to the uncharted charts of music. Dive in and let the waves of fresh beats propel your artistic voyage

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Melody &Marketplace

Begin with a soul-stirring journey as each strum on the guitar unveils the magic of music in its purest form!

AV Portfolio
AV Portfolio

Your curated selections are elegantly assembled, and ready for checkout. That’s as smooth as your shopping spree



We are proud to develop an application that not only meets the demands of our client and their endeavors in the music market but also sets a new standard for the fusion of technology, design, and artistry in the industry

AVS is implemented with agile solutions to ensure fast loading times, straightforward navigation, and a secure payment system

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D3 Studio's strategic branding, intuitive design, and advanced development, we’ve not only crafted a standout platform for A Very Good Sample Pack but also set a new bar for artist portfolios. This is the rhythm of progress—distinct, harmonious, and resonant for the future of music creation

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