Opeqe, Branded Restaurant Application

Opeqe gives reliable, fast, and commission-free delivery and pickup ordering solutions for multi-location or single location restaurants. Seamlessly synced with the clients operations and brand

Opeqe Portfolio

Understanding the vital needs of its restaurant clientele, Opeqe was challenged to develop an online ordering platform. This platform had to be adept at managing and facilitating all aspects of food service, encompassing both delivery and pickup options, to enhance operational efficiency and customer convenience

Opeqe Single Phone
Opeqe Single Phone

For Opeqe, we created an online food ordering app tailored to the geographic locales of each restaurant. This approach allows every restaurant to effectively have its own dedicated web presence under the umbrella of the Opeqe platform, thereby amplifying their reach and simplifying the ordering process for users

Opeqe Background ImageOpeqe
Customizable Menus

The app allows restaurant administrators to fully customize their menu with categories, sides, and modifiers, setting prices and providing users with extensive options

Opeqe Portfolio
Opeqe Portfolio

Custom, thematic restaurant websites within the Opeqe family, designed for an integrated experience. The platform is optimized for adaptable ordering with a focus on user-friendly navigation.


Users can choose between pickup, which excludes delivery charges and time, or delivery, where costs and times are calculated based on the restaurant’s service rates

Opeqe Portfolio
Opeqe Portfolio

The online ordering app features happy hour deals, table reservations, a rewards program, and a referral system for added user benefits

Opeqe Background ImageOpeqe Portfolio
A World of Flavorsin One Click

An ecosystem with an easy user journey, offering a seamless ordering process that caters to diverse palates with a wide array of menus!

Opeqe Portfolio
Opeqe Portfolio

Customers enjoy a flow experience from discovering dishes to checkout, all while being exposed to a variety of cuisines that reflects appreciation to culinary diversity



We’ve enhanced the dining experience with our comprehensive development efforts, integrating robust features like enticing special promotions, convenient reservation options, a customer-focused rewards program, and a dynamic referral system, all aimed at optimizing restaurant operations and enhancing guest satisfaction

Opeqe’s application streamlines operation management and prioritizes patrons, both strengthening its brand identity

Opeqe Background Image

D3 Studio's collaboration with Opeqe has set a new standard for the digital dining experience, blending innovative solutions with personalized branding, and turning strategic thinking into industry-wide movement. This case study stands as a beacon of futuristic dining and restaurant success

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