Pasco, Gamifying Waste Collection App

Pasco application is a solution for collecting dry wastes from source by inspiring the users with gamification and rewards within application. We helped Pasco to implement, brand, market their idea with our creative design, and seamless development.

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The vision behind Pasco was to alter waste management through a user-friendly app. The challenges were clear and compelling: devise a logistical system for doorstep waste collection, create a fair and accurate method to reward users based on waste weight, ensure secure financial transactions for coin cash-outs, and implement a gamification strategy to boost user engagement

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In response to Pasco’s needs, we developed a sleek app emphasizing community, sustainability, and reward. We streamlined waste collection with a user-friendly schedule and route optimization and integrated a transparent waste-to-coins system for immediate user rewards. The app included secure transaction features for easy coin redemption

Pasco Background ImageGreen Pasco
Get Free Recycled Boxes and Bag!

Upon registration, every Pasco user receives a complimentary Welcome Kit containing Pasco-branded recycle boxes and bags. This kit not only equips users to start recycling immediately but also reinforces the brand’s commitment to sustainability from the get-go

Pasco Portfolio
Pasco Portfolio
Schedule Your Recycling

Pasco respects your time. With the app’s intuitive scheduling feature, users can set their preferred times for waste collection, ensuring the process aligns seamlessly with their daily routines

Recycling is rewarding with Pasco! As users recycle, they earn monetary rewards, turning every bottle, can, and piece of paper into a contribution towards their wallet as well as the planet

Pasco Portfolio
Pasco Portfolio
Weekly Collection

Pasco ensures that users’ recyclables don’t pile up. With multiple weekly collections, the app helps maintain a clean living space and supports consistent recycling habits

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Your GreenLifestyle

Input your location to setup your recycling experience with Pasco. And we’ll ensure your recycling pickup is as convenient and timely as your demands!

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Pasco Portfolio

Share conversations, spread awareness, and inspire a community-wide ripple effect of sustainable living



In developing the Pasco app, we’ve combined gamified recycling, coin rewards, and community engagement to turn waste disposal into a rewarding experience. Each feature is designed to make sustainable living a personalized and enjoyable journey for users

From earning coins to optimizing recycling routines with local pickup services, Pasco nurtures a collective movement towards a healthier planet

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D3 Studio's journey with Pasco reshaped the outlook of waste management into an interactive and sustainable adventure, threading community spirit throughout. This case study spotlights the ripple effect of our strategic fusion of branding, design, and intuitive UI/UX on fostering user engagement and deepening environmental awareness

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