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Quick Parts serves as a streamlined hub for sellers to quickly check auto part prices, place orders, and discover distributors Targeted at sellers, the app simplifies transactions and fosters industry connections, speeding up the business side of auto parts with ease

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They required an online system that allowed both their in-store personnel and remote clients to efficiently check the availability and pricing of parts, as well as to place orders. Recognizing this need, our team was tasked with designing an app that could seamlessly integrate these features, ensuring a smooth transition from the physical store experience to a comprehensive digital solution

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Our solution was a streamlined native app prioritizing swift searches directly from the main page where users can quickly view prices, select products, and confirm purchases with various payment options. The app facilitates direct part ordering, features a store locator with filters, and offers downloadable store-specific PDFs. User profiles are easily customized, enhancing the overall shopping experience

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Vehicle Overview

Gain a consolidated view of your vehicle’s condition with our car body streamline feature. It provides a virtual overview of general wear and tear, enabling sellers to assess and address potential issues efficiently

QuickPart Portfolio
QuickPart Portfolio
Maintenance in Action

Get up close with the precision of expert repair work through our depiction of a skilled mechanic at work. This imagery underscores the meticulous care taken in vehicle repairs and the craftsmanship upheld by our associated service providers

Dive into the application’s user-friendly interface, showcasing the ease with which users can choose a store from a curated list within their chosen city. Each store is readily accessible, making the selection process a breeze for any user in need of parts

QuickPart Portfolio
QuickPart Portfolio
Selection Interface

Visualize the intricacy of auto parts with our clear, detailed images of the parts. While there’s no specific feature highlighted, the image represents the level of detail and quality that users can expect from the parts sourced through our app

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Tools, Tips, Tracksin One Place

Imagine the ease of carrying all your tool essentials on every journey. With effortless access to product catalogue, you’re prepared for any fix, anytime, anywhere!

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QuickPart Single Phone

Track your shopping history, monitor sales, and obtain expert advice with a simple tap. From scheduling car services to utilizing our help center, manage all facets of your vehicle in your hand



The store locator feature simplifies user search for nearby automotive shops, connecting them with essential information swiftly. For vendors, customizing offerings and store details is now more intuitive than ever, enhancing the marketplace for all users

Prioritizing user experience, from searching to ordering, every touchpoint is designed for ease, ensuring an effortless journey for all the app users

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D3 Studio's developmental strides in creating the Quick Parts App have stretched the landscape of automotive part sales, setting new benchmarks and new ways of taking care of personal vehicles. Through our focused approach to branding, inventive design, and robust development we charted a new course in accessibility and convenience for auto enthusiasts and professionals alike

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