Refining Elegance, Stylett PWA Transformation

Stylett is an e-commerce platform that empowers producers to not only present their products but also offer personalized customization options to its customers. D3 Studio enhanced the Stylett experience, combining thoughtful branding with functional design, intuitive UI/UX, and advanced development

Stylett Portfolio

The Stylett team aimed to distinguish their jewelry offerings by integrating customization and personalization directly on their website Recognizing the challenge of carving out a niche in the competitive online market, they determined that a unique service model was essential to elevate their business above standard online stores

Stylett Phones

We developed a Progressive Web Application for Stylett, mirroring the performance of a native app while eliminating the need for app store installation. Beyond matching native app functionality, we transformed the website into a versatile marketplace, inviting sellers across the jewelry industry to feature their products. This strategic enhancement positioned Stylett as a hub for an innovative and seamless shopping experience, benefiting both vendors and buyers

Stylett Background ImageGolden Stylett
Carve Your Idea

Make a statement by personalizing your accessories with Stylett's distinctive touch Whether it's custom engravings, exclusive designs, or tailored options, Stylett ensures your accessories reflect your individuality

Stylett Portfolio
Stylett Portfolio
Test Your Flair

Your style with our collection of elegant bracelets. Layerable, adjustable, and comfortable, they make a stylish statement. Shop now and find the perfect accessory for you

Customize Your Jewelry

Combining design excellence with UI/UX enhancements, we forged a visually stunning and user-friendly interface that accentuates personalization, including choices in materials, colors, and engravings

Stylett Portfolio
Stylett Portfolio

The improvements to user experience facilitated intuitive navigation and introduced gamification elements for a compelling shopping journey, resulting in an optimized and engaging overall user interaction

Stylett Background ImageStylett Portfolio
Best-SellersCurated for You

Say goodbye to guesswork with our carefully curated pairings of best-selling pieces. Shop now and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience!

Stylett Portfolio
Stylett Portfolio

Ready, set, glow! Shop our collection of ready-made jewelry sets, perfect for gifting or treating yourself


Vendor-Centric Customization

We empowered vendors with bespoke customization tools, enabling them to broaden their product range and cultivate stronger relationships with consumers by providing distinctive personalized options

We also transformed Stylett into a PWA, eliminating the need for app downloads and ensuring rapid, dependable shopping experiences

Stylett Background Image

D3 Studio's initiative led transcending traditional e-commerce boundaries, offering a transformative experience that empowers users to tailor their choices and vendors to showcase their versatility. This harmonious synergy of personalization and functionality is the hallmark of our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction

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